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Trusted by 500+ global businesses

Execute comprehensive payroll in a matter of minutes

Payroll at your fingertips in one platform

With our streamlined approach, companies can efficiently calculate, process, and distribute payroll to their employees, all in a matter of minutes.

Streamline payroll, taxes, and deductions

By integrating these essential components into a cohesive system, businesses can simplify the intricate process of all things payroll.

We manage compliance on your behalf

We take on the responsibility of ensuring that your operations remain in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Payroll & advisory services

We harness technology to ensure payroll, hiring, and employee retention is seamless for you. Our end goal is to not only provide a superior solution, but to eliminate errors, save time, and keep you in compliance with ever changing state/federal regulations. No matter the size of your enterprise, we’ve got your back.

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The Andlo benefit

Payroll visibility

Oversee, modify, and authorize payroll executions effortlessly, without the need for training. Access future payroll schedules and your complete task list simply by pressing a button.

Full transparency

Gain a bird's-eye perspective of all your payroll components, including taxes, benefits, and various deductions, at a glance. Keep a comprehensive overview of all payroll information.

Complete control

Efficiently onboard newcomers and handle the departure of employees swiftly. All changes are updated and reflected in real-time, without any holdups.

Instant updates

Efficiently onboard newcomers and handle the departure of employees swiftly. All changes are updated and reflected in real-time, without any holdups.

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How it works

User-friendly payroll solution streamlines every step from data entry to final calculations. Access it anywhere, anytime, for maximum flexibility. Say goodbye to complex procedures and focus on your business.

Starters &

Add new team members and remove individuals who have left the company from the records.

Review &

Review your payroll to verify there are no mistakes and then proceed with the submission.

Approve the payroll run

Once you are content, authorize your payroll run, and Andlo will handle the rest..

Make payments & view reports

Andlo will process direct deposits, issue any physical checks, and submit tax payments.

"Andlo rescued us from our previous payroll provider, which consistently made errors with our payroll. Andlo offers a robust platform along with exceptional customer support. I appreciate the round-the-clock availability for inquiries, and our staff's self-service portal is a convenient feature, simplifying the distribution of check stubs. Thank you for delivering an outstanding payroll and HR solution!”

Founder, All Paw Spa

Trusted by 500+ global businesses

Are you prepared to simplify your payroll process?

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The Research and Development (R&D) tax credit is a valuable incentive provided by governments to encourage innovation and investment in research activities. It offers financial benefits to businesses that engage in eligible R&D endeavors by allowing them to offset a portion of their qualifying expenses. This credit is a powerful tool for fostering technological advancements, driving economic growth, and enhancing a company's competitive edge.

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